Fort Lauderdale Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi®, Inc.

70 Years of Excellence!

Awarded 2023 Southern Province Community Service  & Reclamation Chapter of the Year

Guide Right

Guide Right encompasses many of our youth oriented programs such as mentoring, college preparatory programs, and tutoring. However, the Flagship Initiative of the Guide Right Service Program is the Kappa Leadership Development League (Kappa League).

Community Service

Fort Lauderdale Alumni asserts its efforts and influence through community outreach iniatives supplying voice and vision to struggling communities.

Fort Lauderdale Alumni News

Epic Weekend !

Men R Kookin’

November 2023 – Let’s break bread and party Thanksgiving Weekend. Ft. Lauderdale Alumni hosts Men R’ Kookin’ on Saturday, November 25. Purchase your ticket here.

Scholarships Awarded

New Polemarch Takes the Reigns

June 2023 – Fort Lauderdale Alumni elected Wendy Pognon as its 27th Chapter Polemarch. He replaces Kevin White who lead the chapter to many accomplishments.

Scholarships Awarded

F.L.A. Award Kappa Leaguers

May 2023 – Fort Lauderdale Alumni in conjunction with the Achievement Foundation of Ft. Lauderdale awarded $30,000 to eight(8) graduating Kappa League seniors.

Spring 2023

F.L.A. Welcomes New Initiates

April 2023 – Fort Lauderdale Alumni welcomed the Spring 2023, 7 of Diamonds to the fraternity: Doug Biggs; Rayon Black; Elisha Entingh; Eric Hoff; Kahill Jacques; Antonelli Jean-Guillaume; Gale Nelson; MTA Coordinator, James Geter.

7 of Diamonds

Community Service Award Winners

March 2023 – The Southern Province of Kappa Alpha® Psi Fraternity awarded Fort Lauderdale Alumni the coveted 2023 Community Chapter of the Year at the 73rd Southern Province Council. Fort Lauderdale has won the award consecutive years.

Epic Weekend !

Reclamation Award Winners

March 2023 – Fort Lauderdale Alumni won the 2023 Southern Province Reclamation Chapter of the Year at the 73rd Southern Province Council in Birmingham, AL. Karam “Pearl” Govens, Reclamation Chairman, was instrumental in reclaiming members.

Kappa League Celebrates

Robert Bogle, Kappa Leauge Chairman, proudly displays our next generation of leaders at the Kappa League Awards Ceremony.

F.L.A. Committed to Youth Development

For decades, Fort Lauderdale Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi® has championed initiatives in support of youth achievement. Utilizing the strength and influence of its chapter members – the results of our programs have elevated the trajectory of many youth in Broward County.


White Hot Weekend

The White Hot Weekend, May 5-7, showcased the hottest party destination in Fort Lauderdale – the Hard Rock Hotel & Resort. In between the good times, Fort Lauderdale Alumni & the Achievement Foundation of Fort Lauderdale hosted the Artis Jack Hall Golf Klassic on Saturday at Plantation Preserve Golf Course.

Supporting Our Community

Serving the Broward County community is at the core of our chapters mission. Contact us if we can provide assistance with your  community initiatives.

Serving Thanksgiving

November 2021

Relief for Haiti

July 2021

Pandemic Support

September 2021

Fort Lauderdale Alumni

Recent Past Polemarchs

Founded in 1954, the Fort Lauderdale Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity has benefitted from a stellar list of leadership. Pictured here are some of the past Polemarchs who served.

  • Bobby Dubose
  • Wayne Kirkland
  • Anthony Henderson (not pictured)
  • Todd Byrd
  • Rigo Garcia
  • Dean Tossie
  • Noel Hyatt
  • Kevin White

“It is easy to be ordinary, it takes courage to excel, and Excel we must.”

-Elder W. Diggs,Founder, Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc.

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